Power to the People

stadtenergie is a green energy provider that believes that the green energy transition can only be achieved by industry and customers through a collaborative approach. The key difference compared to its competitors: stadtenergie uses state-of-the-art digital technology and infrastructure to give consumers back full control over consumption and costs in real time. The aim: to completely customise the sustainable service offering for customers who want both: Green energy and maximum control.

As part of the brand relaunch, we jointly developed the new positioning "Power to the People" and developed the matching corporate identity, which allowed end customers and the brand to jointly play a leading role in the great green transformation.

Strategic consulting and realisation

Brand identity of digital energy providers

Our contribution:

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After screening the providers on the energy market, it emerged that every market participant now offers "eco-energy". But the providers hardly differ, especially in terms of communication: colours, imagery, offer, positioning: everything is the same.

stadtenergie is characterised above all by the extremely high degree of networked customer centricity - both in the product and in the processes. 

In a series of workshops, the repositioning phrase "Power to the People" was created to emphasise the key role of end customers in the green transition and the collaboration with stadtenergie. This close interplay had to be made tangible for the brand at all levels.

Creative derivation

Electricity and gas, city and energy, company and people: the collaboration that stadtenergie stands for always brings two players into close interaction. This togetherness can already be found in stadtenergie's name and was also reflected in the logo introduced when the company was founded in 2020, which was to be retained. stadtenergie can only achieve the energy transition together with its customers. So we made this "togetherness" the driving idea behind the entire new brand identity.

A differentiating appearance for a green energy provider does not always have to look and feel the same.


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Managing Partner

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