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The small family business, started by brothers Carl and Heinrich Heinemann in 1879, developed over five generations into one of the most important wholesalers and retailers on the international travel market.

Today, the "Heinemann" brand operates Duty Free & Travel Value Shops in licence-managed brand boutiques and concept stores at international airports. There are also shops at border crossings and on board cruise ships.

Heinemann travel retail in figures: Over 120 airports in 50 countries, over 210 border shops in 22 countries, 240 shops on cruise ships and ferries, service partnerships with 51 airlines.



The Briefing:

The "Heinemann" travel retail brand has been adapted several times since its launch in 2008, but now required a comprehensive strategic overhaul.

Travel, shopping and media usage behaviour had changed and the media competition along the entire travel chain also had to be taken into account in communication.

Our contribution:

Strategy and
Brand Development

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GH Wortmarke
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GH Farbsystem

Research: How do people actually travel today?

Target group research in 6 markets, creation of an insight study.


Collaboration: Development of the new brand positioning

Series of multi-stakeholder workshops

From research and strategy

to communication and brand design

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Organic Style Guide:
Single source of truth in Frontify
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Overview of various application examples
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Overview of multi-channel brand design // Various applications (examples)

EinzelBoards Website Billboard
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EinzelBoards Website2

Thanks a lot.

We would like to thank the entire Heinemann Marketing team and Katharina Coen for their trust and good partnership. 

Client Feedback

Fabian Roser

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