Marketing Consultancy

We are superspring

superspring is a marketing consultancy that helps companies manage modern, networked brands in all their facets. We think creatively like an agency, work structured like a consultancy and act quickly like a start-up.

superspring manages marketing complexity Marketing in a hyper-complex world demands a lot from companies in terms of knowledge and new skills. superspring links ideas, technology, organisation and processes to create brand experiences that inspire and can differentiate on the market in the long term.

superspring helps brands take the next leap
Companies that want to take the next leap, need a lot of energy for it. As a marketing consulting partner, we help you to do this: we create the conditions for big leaps and accompany you through all the small and big steps to get there and beyond.
superspring acts independently, creatively and efficiently
In a world of increasing automation, uniqueness is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. As an independent, creative and efficient partner, we create answers to your specific challenges instead of scaled off-the-shelf solutions.

superspring thinks strategically and lveos acting tactically
Strategy and tactics belong together. As superspring, we know the challenges of both worlds and know the right mix to turn the right long-term vision into concrete success today.

superspring combines the best of three worlds in a new marketing consulting concept.

Think like an


Act like a


Move like a


Our services

Brands today need much more than a good idea. They need to be agile, interlinked and efficiently managed in their organisation. superspring acts as a closely integrated consulting partner for brand and marketing decision-makers.

Our services are designed to make your marketing challenges manageable. This ranges from brand management challenges to organisational, data-driven and creative process issues to leadership and orchestration issues in your marketing organisation.


  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Purpose & Agenda Setting


  • Go To Market
  • Scaling & Expansion
  • Innovation & New Business Ideas
  • KPI Frameworks
  • Conversion optimisation


  • Ecosystem Strategy
  • Tech Stack Evaluation & Setup
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics & Audits
  • Digital Transformation Consulting


  • Orchestration
  • Project Steering & Lead 
  • Interim Marketing Leadership
  • Organisation & Process optimisation